Appointment Request

Thank you for requesting an appointment! Requests made after 5pm or on weekends will be addressed during working hours, and a staff member will contact you to confirm or change the request as needed.  

Clinic is closed from Saturday May 22nd to Tuesday June 1st.

*COVID policies:  One person may accompany their pet(s) in to the clinic as of April 2021. More than one person makes it impossible to maintain adequate social distancing. Thank you for your patience during these trying times! 

Monday: 9am-5pm

Tuesday: 9am-5pm

Wednesday: 9am-5pm

Thursday: closed for appointments

Friday: 9am-4pm

Most mornings we are in procedures, and most appointments are scheduled in the afternoon. If you need different times or accommodations please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you!

Lemay Vet Clinic