Dr. Mangan offers the following services as a house call vet for dogs and cats:

  • Vaccinations, heartworm tests, blood work and thorough physical exams
  • Acupuncture, dry-needling and E-stim with a Certified Veterinary Acupuncture Therapist
  • Laser Therapy – relaxing, noninvasive treatment for arthritis, wounds, pain, ear infections, orthopedic conditions, feline cystitis and many other           inflammatory or painful conditions
  • Blood pressure measurement – crucial for monitoring kidney and heart disease in both dogs and cats. 
  • Wound, laceration, minor illness care
  • Allergy testing and management
  • Pain management (medications, nutrition, supplements, laser therapy, acupuncture, massage, exercises,  lifestyle)
  • Chronic disease management (diabetes, feline urinary problems, kidney and heart disease, severe arthritis, paralysis, epilepsy)
  • Hospice and end-of-life care and consultations; gentle home euthanasia with transport and cremation available

Lemay Vet Clinic